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Artist Statement

Mathematical Equation For Grace

I dreamed one night that God came to me and bore me off to heaven. He explained that He was about to reveal a great mystery to me. “The universe is held up by mathematical equations. Everything is based on an equation including the abstract; Love, joy, peace, everything. I am going to give you the mathematical equation for Grace. “When I heard the equation, I thought “Oh! I remember that! How could I have forgotten that?” It made absolutely perfect sense to me. When I woke up and tried to explain the equation to my husband it evaporated. The equation that I have tried to reconstitute follows: Grace = Deity to the third power times Trinity minus the Son over the Kosmos is greater than the Kosmos. As the dream would not leave me, but indeed became more real I painted what I saw. The painting was on exhibition at one time. A woman walked up to me and said, “Do you understand that equation?” “My last math class was in high school, and it didn’t go well. No, I don’t understand the equation. I just painted what I got.” “Well I have a Masters Degree in Math and that is a Newtonian equation.” I was floored, and humbled that the Father would trust me with such a mystery.

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